About Us

Kenya’s leading fresh cut herbs grower and exporter

As growers, packers and exporters, Arvilan Growers has established itself as a global provider of guaranteed quality fresh agricultural produce. Established in 2010 and incorporated in 2018 we mainly grow fresh herbs, vegetables and chilies for local and international markets in our own production sites.

We strive to create growth and value in a supply chain system that ensures quality and food safety from the Farm to the customer, by implementing a robust system from growing, harvesting and post-harvest handling.  We have an inclusive strategy for business planning that concerns all stakeholders in production chain – all geared towards one goal of – delivering guaranteed quality and satisfaction to the customer.

At Arvilan Growers, we are committed to sustainability in production, traceability and strict pesticide residues monitoring are at the heart of our operations. This is demonstrated by certifications attained such as the Global Gap through successful third party audits.

Our Values

Arvilan growers recognizes the importance of quality and professionalism in all that it does.  From seed selection, to growing in the fields to packing and shipping the produce to fulfill an order, we are guided by our core values as follows:

Premium Quality

Arvilan only supplies highest quality fresh cut herbs. 
We grow the herbs in our own farms, insist on highest standards of professionalism from our employees and strive to attain required professional accreditation


Consistency both in the premium quality of the produce itself from production to packaging
and order fulfillment, we strive for constant excellence at all times.

Sustainable production

Today’s environment conservation efforts dictate the quality of lives for the generations to come. Arvilan Growers farming operations are accredited to a baseline standard called the Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice). This is a
show of Arvilan Growers commitment minimizing negative impacts that arise from commercial farming as dictated by the standard.
This includes utilization of integrated pest management methods as opposed to chemical inputs, utilization of plastic mulch on our outdoor crops to reduce land tillage during weeding and also reduce irrigation water user. 

Our People

A company is only as good as the people it keeps. As Arvilan growers, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff,
most of them have been with the business since inception. Their love to produce quality herbs our customers have come to love is a clear demonstration of their passion and tireless efforts at work.

Our Accreditations

Professional accreditation to industry-recognized standards is a demonstration that Arvilan Growers adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, competency and credibility.

Arvilan farming operations are accredited to a Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice)

Arvilan growers strives to ensure that all produce from its farms and operations adhere to the highest hygiene and safety
standards and in accordance with all the relevant fresh produce business industry standards.